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New Security Feature New Security Feature

Dear Classifieds Users,

Thank you for using Metropolis Classifieds.

In an effort to make Metropolis Classifieds a safer, more secure environment, we have instituted an important change. From now on, all registered users must sign in to their accounts before using their registered e-mail addresses to reply to ads. The reason for this is that users were stealing other users' e-mail addresses in order to send rude and harassing replies. While non-registered users can still respond without creating an account, they cannot respond using already-registered e-mail addresses. We hope that this helps us to avoid having legitimate users taken advantage of.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

The Metropolis Classifieds team

2013-04-04 08:47

Crisp Air and Cool Mornings. Crisp Air and Cool Mornings.

If just the thought of winter coming chills you to the bone, you'd best pick up a copy of Metropolis Magazine and flip on over to the Classifieds section, or, you know, click here. Heaters, coats, aircon units... stock up before winter leaves you out in the cold.

2012-11-02 03:04

Sweet Deals! Sweet Deals!

Until August 31st, paid ads for all sections (excluding Escorts) with 3+ month contracts can be had for 50% off. To take advantage of this special, payment for ads must be made and confirmed by 3pm on August 31. Ads can run at any time. For more information, please contact Don't miss out!

2012-07-27 04:55

A Request from Metropolis Classifieds A Request from Metropolis Classifieds

Dear Classifieds Users,

Recently, we have received a number of complaints from users about abusive e-mails sent to them via the reply box in their ads. The problem seems to be e-mail addresses that users are including in their online ad text. People are copying and pasting random addresses into reply boxes to send rude e-mails to our users.

To protect yourself, please DO NOT include your e-mail address in your online ad. As long as you input your e-mail address into the e-mail field when creating your ad, users will be able to respond to you. This should help prevent your e-mail address from being used to send abusive mail to others. As a bonus, your e-mail address will remain hidden for the initial e-mail correspondence, protecting you from problem users. 

Similarly, please do not include your phone number in your online text. If you wish your phone number to appear in the printed version of Metropolis, please input your number into the phone number field. However, it is best if it does not appear online as it then becomes available to a much larger audience and some users have received crank calls as a result.

We thank you for your understanding and your co-operation.

Best regards,

Metropolis Classifieds

2012-07-12 02:57

Cracking Down Cracking Down

As a result of multiple complaints received over the last few weeks about fraudulent sellers, we are cracking down. If you notice that your Sayonara Sale or other ads have been deleted by Metropolis Classifieds, it is because we have received a complaint. If you believe your ad should not have been deleted, please contact us. However, please understand that after several complaints against the same user, ads will no longer be approved. We are trying to keep Metropolis Classifieds clean and useful, and appreciate your co-operation.

2012-07-07 02:55

Possible Scam Warning Possible Scam Warning

A suspicious response e-mail has been sent to one of our users. Please be wary of any response e-mail in which the writer claims to be a soldier serving in Afghanistan with a million dollar inheritance. And, as always, please use your best judgment when replying to any ads/e-mails and let us know if you receive any suspicious replies.

2012-06-12 11:43

Rainy Season Blues. Rainy Season Blues.

Are you ready for the rain? Pick up all you need to stay dry, and toys to keep you busy inside, from Met Classifieds.

2012-06-01 05:13

Spring Cleaning? Spring Cleaning?

Don't just throw it all out - sell it on Met Classifieds. And for those ready to, er, spring into (outdoor) action now that winter is behind us? Take a gander at the Classifieds to find the tools you need to make this spring positively enchanting.

2012-03-23 04:27

Baby, It's Cold Outside (And Inside)! Baby, It's Cold Outside (And Inside)!

The dead of Tokyo winter is upon us, likely leaving visions of central heating and nice, thick insulation dancing in your heads. While you won't find either of those in Met Classifieds, you can find the next best things - space heaters, kotatsu, aircon units, thick, warm futon and more! Don't forget to take a look at Pets, too - a cuddly, warm cat might be all you need to make it through the winter.

2012-01-13 01:42

Home For The Holidays? Home For The Holidays?

So is Metropolis. The office will be closed from Thursday, December 29th to Tuesday, January 3rd. Any ads posted from Tuesday, December 20th will not be published in print until January 20th, including paid ads. However, ads posted between Tuesday, December 20th and Wednesday, December 28th, and from Wednesday, January 4th, will appear online as soon as they are approved. This means that some paid ads will have different print and online run times. An online ad may expire before the January 20th issue hits shelves. We thank you for your understanding and wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.


2011-12-20 03:11

Worried About Scams? Worried About Scams?

Read "How to Spot a Scam" for tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

More information: How to Spot a Scam
2011-11-25 06:15

iPhone Posting? You Bet! iPhone Posting? You Bet!

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the train, playing with your iPhone, when suddenly, you're struck by the desire to put something up for sale, or find yourself someone special, right that minute? Well, now you can indulge your impulses by doing just that. Starting today, not only can you reply to ads with your iPhone, you can also post ads with it. Enjoy, but try not to go too overboard...

2011-01-14 06:56

New Year, New FAQs New Year, New FAQs

Our Christmas promotion may have ended, but that doesn't mean we're not still hard at work bringing you the best classifieds system in Japan. To that end, we invite you to post any questions you have using the "Ask question" link (top right of the page). And hey, if you think of a good question, and a good answer to go with it, feel free to help us out with the "Add FAQ" link. We'll edit the most helpful entries and put them on the site. Hope to hear from you!

2011-01-07 07:04

Christmas Campaign Christmas Campaign

Just in time for the festive season, we are launching our faster, more user-friendly online Classifieds system. To put our money where our mouths are, we’re offering a 50% discount on ANY commercial classifieds paid for Dec 1 through Dec 24, regardless of when you would like to run them. Book your ad now to make big savings!

2010-12-07 10:05

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