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A Request from Metropolis Classifieds

Dear Classifieds Users,

Recently, we have received a number of complaints from users about abusive e-mails sent to them via the reply box in their ads. The problem seems to be e-mail addresses that users are including in their online ad text. People are copying and pasting random addresses into reply boxes to send rude e-mails to our users.

To protect yourself, please DO NOT include your e-mail address in your online ad. As long as you input your e-mail address into the e-mail field when creating your ad, users will be able to respond to you. This should help prevent your e-mail address from being used to send abusive mail to others. As a bonus, your e-mail address will remain hidden for the initial e-mail correspondence, protecting you from problem users. 

Similarly, please do not include your phone number in your online text. If you wish your phone number to appear in the printed version of Metropolis, please input your number into the phone number field. However, it is best if it does not appear online as it then becomes available to a much larger audience and some users have received crank calls as a result.

We thank you for your understanding and your co-operation.

Best regards,

Metropolis Classifieds

Last update: 2012-07-12 02:57
Author: Metropolis Classifieds

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