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Ad Tricks to Attract People: For Business Entities ③

If you would like to post an ad for your business, this post will help you a lot.

While there are some regulars in Metropolis Classifieds, there are many one-time trial ads. But sadly, many of them have gone. Why? To be honest, there are some tricks. Let me give you an example!

  • Let’s imagine that Metropolis Classifieds is a big open-air market where individuals exchange information (Man Looking for Woman, Sayonara Sale, Language Exchange and so on). You would like to give these people your business info (massage, visa counseling, moving and so on). You have to admit that your service is not for their first requirement, but for their second – when they realize that they need something after seeing an ad for a service. In the case of an open-air market, you just put your poster on a utility pole located in the market and go home.

If you would like to get stable contacts from your ad, consider the following:

3) I strongly recommend that you post your ad in the print magazine (your ad will go online for free with an in-print ad order). Print ads have more of an opportunity to encounter new people by chance compared to online ads. People will see your ad even if they’re looking at a different section when they flip over the pages of the magazine, while online shows only the section which people want to see.

  • Your poster is already posted in the market and getting lots of traffic. The only thing you have to do is have patience.

For more advice, please see Ad Tricks to Attract People: For Business Entities ④ in Ad Advice.

*This is part three of a four-part series.

**How much contact business entities receive from our readers will depend on what services are being offered. We cannot guarantee results and are unable to provide refunds.

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