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What can my ad look like?


  Does my ad need to be short?

Now that Metropolis Classifieds are only online, feel free to write to your heart's content! Online ads have a word limit topping out at 1,000 words! 

  Can I include photos with my ad?

All our online ads allow you to upload up to four photos. Please note that the first photo you choose will be set as your "cover photo" and will be what will entice people into clicking on your ad to read more.

  What about my contact information?

Advertisements can link to your personal or corporate website and although you can post your phone number or even fax number, we caution against spam and unwanted responses direclty to your private or business contact details. 

For e-mail, we recommend that you not show your address publically to protect yourself from any nasty spambots that might be lurking. However, don't worry! We have a handy web contact form that will protect your details and still forward you messages from any interested users. 

  How will people find me?

If you would like to show people exactly where you or your business are, you can use our map feature to help people find you.

  I can even upload videos?!

Yes! If you would like to record a self-introduction for your personal ad, go ahead

Want to show what that cool product you have can do? Great!

You can even upload your own slick video advertisement and post it! 

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