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Why was my ad rejected?

There are a few reasons why ads are rejected. The following are the most common.

1. Not a free ad: if you are selling goods or services for profit (this includes private language lessons), then your ad needs to be submitted to Individual Business or Commercial Classifieds. For package descriptions, please see "Packages."

2. Explicit photos: the first time, the photo(s) might just be deleted, leaving the rest of the ad intact and approved, but repeat offenders will find that their ads are rejected.

3. Explicit language: keep your language as clean as possible, especially in the "Magazine Text" section. Writing "I like S&M, heels, and spanking" is one thing, but save the more intimate details of what you like for correspondence with those who respond.

4. Protecting our users from scammers: if we have reason to believe the poster is lying about the quality of the product (or him/herself in the case of a personal ad), the ad will be rejected to protect potential clients.

5. Flooding: if you submit the same ad, or almost the same ad, multiple times, you will discover that the copies are rejected or deleted. Submitting multiple times will not make your ad more likely to get a response, just more likely to be rejected.

6. Name in e-mail: if the e-mail address you supply for your ad includes your full name, and if we deem that this could have adverse affects, then your ad will be rejected. This is especially true for "Personals." This is done to protect our users, so please, have an address free of personal information.

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