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Ad rejection e-mails explained.

If your ad was rejected, you likely received an automatically generated e-mail from with only the briefest of messages, looking a little something like this:


Dear [User],

We regret to inform you that your ad [Ad Title] has been rejected for the following reason:


Best regards,

Metropolis Classifieds


Special rejections will include a short explanations, but in typical situations no extra information is provided. You might be wondering what the message really means, and how to post again to avoid a rejection. What follows is a basic explanation of our seven main rejection reasons.

Commercial: Some sections of Metropolis Classifieds require payment. If you run a business, earn money from services that you offer, or are selling large items (cars, etc.), then you must submit your ads to Individual Business or Commercial Classifieds. If you are an individual, you can access some, but not all, of these sections through the "Individual" category. If you are part of a commercial enterprise, please choose the "Commercial Enterprise" category. Whichever you happen to be, however, please remember to choose a paid package ("Bronze" - "Individual" only; "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum"). If you neglect to choose a package or choose the "Free" package, your ad will be directed to the wrong section and likely be rejected. Please note that the "Jobs" section is only accessible to commercial enterprises (except for the "Job Wanted" section) and that the only package offered is "Platinum".

Language Teachers: Even if you're only offering the odd private lesson on the side, all language teachers must post paid ads. Please remember to choose the "Individual Business" package.

Flooding: "Flooding" refers to over-posting. Please refrain from posting multiple ads in the same section (for example, five ads in "Men Looking For Women", even if they're spaced out over a week), or from posting the same ad in several sections (for example, posting an ad for a TV/monitor in "TV & Home Theater", "Hardware", "Furniture & Fittings", and "Sayonara Sale").  Mutliple ads will probaly be deleted.

Unacceptable: If you receive this as a reason, it means that something in your ad, be it wording, a photo, contradictory information, etc., is causing problems. If your ad appears to be spam, you might also receive an "unacceptable" e-mail. Please remove inappropriate or suspicious content from your ad and try re-submitting it. 

Name in Email: This is first and foremost a safety issue. If you wouldn't give your full name out to someone you just met on the street, you shouldn't make it available to everyone who reads Metropolis. But also, imagine posting an ad to the "And Others" section looking for an S&M partner. Imagine that a client/student/family member of yours picks up a copy of Metropolis and scans through the ads. Imagine your e-mail address is your name. Imagine the consequences. Metropolis doesn't want you to be adversely affected by anything you choose to post. So please, don't use e-mail addresses containing your first and last names.

Others: This is the least used and the most cryptic. If your ad is unacceptable, but for a reason for which we have no category, you will receive an "Others" e-mail, most likely with a short explanation.

Occasionally, an ad will be deleted without sending a rejection e-mail. This occurs when the same user, despite being sent rejection notices on multiple occasions, continues to post the same ad. Eventually, the ad will receive a straight-out deletion. In the most extreme cases, the account might be banned.

If you receive a rejection e-mail and have reasons to believe it is based on a misunderstanding (perhaps it appeared as though you were offering a for-pay service, but actually, you are a volunteer group), please do not hesitate to contact us at While this will not guarantee that your ad will be accepted, if you have a legitimate explanation, it might increase an ad's chances.

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