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Can I advertise for free?



Yes! Our online-only ads are 100% free for individual users.

If you are not advertising a business or services for regular profit, then you
can enjoy advertising completely for free.

  What does "regular profit" mean?

Do you teach yoga for free to help keep your community happy and healthy?
Great! Advertise your classes in Metropolis Classifieds free of charge.
Do you teach yoga and charge a fee per lesson?  Sorry, please choose one of our paid packages.

If in doubt, ask our friendly staff at

   So I can advertise in Metropolis Magazine for free too!?

Sorry, beginning with our December 25, 2015 issue, Metropolis Classifieds are online-only. For commercial enterprises who wish to advertise in our magazine, several options are available, including our new Marketplace section, as well as larger ads throughout the magazine. For details, please contact

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